Core Values

  • We Value
    People's Design

    We Value People’s Design

    We believe that each individual is uniquely designed. We are dedicated to discovering and cultivating each of our team member’s (attorneys and support staff) distinct gifts so that they can thrive in the workplace, excel in their work and find fulfillment in their calling.

  • It's Not
    About Me

    It’s Not About Me

    We value the success and flourishing of our clients above and before any victory for the firm. That means that the firm only wins when our clients win.

  • Means Matter

    Means Matter

    We are dedicated to a practice of integrity, diligence and efficiency because we know that those are the optimal tools to help our clients resolve their issues, close their deals and bring their business and relationship to flourishing.

  • We Love Our Neighbors

    We Love Our Neighbors

    We exist to serve all of our neighborsOur neighbors include our clients, employees, legal community, vendors, the poor and the marginalized, locally and globally.

  • Advise

    Advise, Advocate, Counsel

    We regularly reflect on what it means to be a legal professional. Our attorneys embrace the practice of law as a calling whereby they become advisors, advocates and counselors.

  • Work & Rest

    Work & Rest Balance

    We recognize that life is comprised of work and rest. Healthy work and rest balance is a requirement for fulfilling life, and meaningful rest is fuel for fruitful work. That is why we strive to create an environment that honors and cultivates healthy work and rest balance.

  • Educate
    To Transform

    Educate To Transform

    We share our knowledge of law, business and culture to transform the legal community.

  • Serve
    As A Model

    Serve As A Model

    We strive to serve as a model law firm where cultivating attorneys and support staff according to their unique design and gifts is valued. We welcome replication of our law firm model by other firms.